A Better Care Environment is Calling: The New Age of Clinical Communication

Caregivers have long used smartphones and tablets for basic aspects of clinical care, such as texting and emailing. However, the lack of integration with clinical workflows and electronic medical records has prevented more widespread adoption of mobile clinical communication. The good news is that most healthcare organizations have realized that leveraging smartphones as enterprise-supported clinical devices is a logical next step to empower caregivers and patients alike, improving outcomes and boosting efficiency.

To further understand the importance of unified clinical communication, download the full whitepaper by Burwood Group Chief Nurse Executive, Kathleen Harmon and Tim Needham, Executive Director, Healthcare at Burwood Group.

Kathleen Harmon, MS, RN, CENP

Burwood Group Chief Nurse Executive, Kathleen Harmon, has 30 years of nursing experience. With a broad clinical background coupled with extensive leadership experience, she is able to partner with health care organizations to meet patient safety, quality, and satisfaction goals. Her unique ability to assist in planning, purchasing, implementing, and training of cutting edge technologies has afforded hospitals around the country the opportunity to optimize investments while meeting national patient safety goals, improve HCAHPS, and maximize end-user adoption.

Tim Needham, MBA

Tim Needham, Executive Director, Healthcare at Burwood Group, specializes in emerging healthcare technology and commercialization strategies. Through independent research efforts, his focus is aligning Burwood Group's Connected Care methodology with industry software and hardware vendors to ensure that our health system clients achieve desired clinical and business outcomes.

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