Advanced Endpoint Protection

In the not-too-distant past, endpoint protection was a simple matter of installing desktop anti-virus and anti-malware programs, along with periodic software security patches. Today, those measures, while valid, are not enough to fend off today’s relentless threats as end-users demand unlimited access to information from multiple devices and networks.

Many organizations have learned the hard way that more sophisticated approaches are key to defending against threats. New prevention-focused advanced endpoint security (AES) options are rapidly becoming available—and you should consider using them to stay ahead of attackers.

Our solutions include advanced protection and advanced detection-and-response mechanisms to control endpoints and manage risk. We can equip your organization with the most effective technology to prevent security breaches and protect and enable end-users, using best-of-breed technologies from Palo Alto Networks and Cybereason.

Our security specialists are experts in the latest strategies for protecting your data and infrastructure from today’s ever-growing landscape of threats. For example, we have earned the Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ Specialization designation, given only to Palo Alto partners with the proven expertise required to successfully deploy and manage advanced endpoint solutions.

An integral component of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, the Traps advanced endpoint protection secures endpoints with its unique multi-method prevention capability, blocking cyber breaches and successful ransomware attacks that leverage malware and exploits, known or unknown, before they can compromise macOS™ or Windows® laptops, desktops and servers.

We also deploy the next-generation technologies of Cybereason, a best-of-breed provider of endpoint detection and response (EDR), next-generation antivirus (NGAV), and active monitoring and incident response technologies. Its threat detection technology is powered by artificial intelligence, enabling you to see in real time the full story of malicious activity, so your security analysts can stop end-to-end malicious operations before material damage happens.

Endpoint security for any environment

We excel at creating endpoint security solutions that work seamlessly with your IT environment—without affecting business continuity or productivity. Our goal is to create an approach that won’t interfere with the end-user experience or create more work for your IT team—no matter how complex your environment may be. And, we’re also experts in fast deployment, using state-of-the-art tools to accelerate roll-outs so your solution is operational as quickly as possible.


Prevention is the Best Medicine for Endpoint Threats


Burwood Group Achieves Palo Alto Networks Traps Specialization