Application Security

Nearly every computer user has experienced a virus interfering with the performance of a critical application—or worse. While the major application developers offer automated security updates to close windows of vulnerability, staying ahead of the threats is a difficult race to win. Burwood Group helps you identify vulnerabilities and manage the risk with security tools and best practices.

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

Every application has weak spots that cyberattackers can use to access organizational data and networks—and the vulnerabilities evolve with every application update. An update may close one security gap, yet open another.  

Traditionally, many organizations conduct an annual vulnerability review, assessing copious reports and selectively updating security for the most vulnerable areas. Progress is not monitored or captured. The next year, they repeat this process—often finding the same issues again. However, forward-looking teams are updating their strategies to identify and respond to application vulnerabilities more quickly.

We focus on reducing your exposure to risk, with actions that demonstrate value. Our methodology ensures that application security is an ongoing process, rather than a once-a-year event that may meet regulatory compliance requirements, but fails to address ongoing security threats.

We deploy a three-part approach to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and track progress:

  • Identify risks. Our security experts can help you choose the right tool to scan your applications and infrastructure for vulnerabilities continuously or on a biweekly or monthly schedule that you prefer. Our assessments include both external and internal scans to identify vulnerabilities. Rather than simply providing a lengthy technical report, we provide recommendations for addressing the issues identified.

  • Mitigate the risks. We help you implement a mitigation strategy encompassing patch management for applications, operating systems and firmware updates, as well as planning for infrastructure updates. To manage security updates that require downtime, we help you engage business leaders to establish a predefined system outage window on a particular day each month. If a third-party system poses risks, we can help you implement network or device segmentation to contain any potential threat intrusions.

  • Report on progress. The tools platform that we deploy on your behalf streamlines history reporting and tracking, enabling you to demonstrate what your vulnerability management program has accomplished.

Burwood Group also can conduct penetration testing to support regulatory compliance and overall security management. We combine manual testing with automation tools backed by artificial intelligence to identify whether and where cybercriminals could seek to circumvent or defeat your security components through SQL injection, privilege escalation, cross-site scripting, deprecated protocols or other measures.


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