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Imagine you only had $1 to spend on security next year. Would you know where to spend it? Would that $1 address your biggest security risk?

Too often, information security and IT risk management remain on the sidelines until a data breach, attack or compliance initiative occurs. Organizations often struggle to even define security risks, let alone prioritize investments and implement effective protocols.

In Burwood Group’s view, breaches and threats are inevitable—and constant. Therefore, your best defense is a good ongoing offense, not a one-time project involving a single solution.  

Creating your security roadmap

Burwood Group helps you establish a set of policies, tools and procedures for systematically managing risks and responses across your organization's sensitive data, networks and applications. Our goal is to help you minimize cybersecurity risks and ensure business continuity no matter what new threats arise.

We collaborate with you through every phase of creating your security roadmap, from assessment, gap analysis and strategic planning through cloud security, monitoring, detection and incident response. Our expertise in best practices and tools for data security ensures that your security strategy anticipates threats and risks, with the right technology investments to keep your business always protected.

Vulnerability assessment: where are the risks?

We review your applications, networks, and infrastructure, as well as policies, practices, and procedures, to identify and prioritize your most significant security risks. Our assessment includes often-overlooked areas, too, such as connected devices (Internet of Things), cloud services, and third-party vendor technologies.

Endpoint detection-and-response assessment

Mobile devices have brought new flexibility to the workplace—but they also create new entry points for ever-evolving threats. Our assessment identifies gaps in your approach to detecting and responding to threats, and also determines whether your response strategies support regulatory and legal requirements for your industry.

We compare your current tools and processes against best practices to identify gaps. For example, do you have a standard process verifying and evaluating incidents—and a security team to execute a rapid response? And, have you implemented end-user training and awareness programs to instill good security practices in daily use?

Based on the assessment findings, we help you create an endpoint security strategy that is right for your environment and its risks.

Cloud security assessment

In the rush to migrate to cloud services, it’s tempting to overlook security or to get locked into the cloud service provider’s tools when other security solutions might be more effective. Our assessment looks at five primary areas of your cloud operations:

  1. Did you configure your cloud migration with security front and center?

  2. What is your plan for storing data in the cloud? 

  3. How secure are the enterprise resources deployed in the cloud?

  4. Are your current backup and recovery capabilities up to par? 

  5. Are you using a consistent, repeatable process to deploy assets to the cloud? 

Burwood Group’s cloud security experts help you create a cloud-focused roadmap to keep security front and center in your cloud strategy. We draw from our expertise in the security solutions from the leading public cloud providers and use best-of-breed cloud orchestration tools to embed security measures in your public cloud deployments.

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