Consider Tools as-a-Service: Subscribe and save with a best-of-breed IT toolbox


How many monitoring and automation tools does your company own? More than you care to count? As IT networks and infrastructure have become more complex, support tools have proliferated. And, if you’ve invested in more than a few, you’ve learned that deployment and adoption are sometimes easier said than done. So, the emergence of tools-as-a-service (TaaS) is reason to cheer.

As tools have become ubiquitous, implementing and managing them has become increasingly expensive and time-consuming. Typically, major up-front costs and staff time for deployment and training are involved. Return on investment (ROI) is often poor, because organizations typically use only a percentage of a tool’s features, and often lack the time or training resources to optimize ROI.

For instance, according the CompTIA’s 2018 IT Industry Trends Analysis, some of the top reasons cited when technology ROI falls short are: ongoing maintenance costs, required upgrades, and the staff time needed to operate and maintain the tools. Add the persistent threat of obsolescence, and it all adds up to licensing headaches and wasted spend.

How ‘tools-as-a-service’ (TaaS) drives ROI  

In contrast, TaaS gives you access to an appropriate mix of best-of-breed tools—but you don’t have to do all the research, deployment and training yourself. A qualified TaaS partner will review your environment and provide vendor-agnostic recommendations that best fit your needs. And, your partner will provide the expertise to efficiently implement, test and validate your tools—and train your team to optimize ROI.

Another advantage of TaaS is that the right partner will free you from the hassles of licenses, upgrades and maintenance. As your environment evolves over time, the TaaS ‘subscription’ model allows for a painless switch from outdated tools to more appropriate options. 

Erie Family Health taps the TaaS advantage

TaaS is a new concept in IT services—but it’s already been proven effective. Erie Family Health Centers, for instance, recently chose to adopt NetBrain-as-a-service for live network mapping, telemetry, and intelligence. Serving more than 80,000 medical and dental patients across 13 Chicagoland locations, Erie needed a better way to manage its longstanding network. NetBrain-as-a-service enabled Erie’s IT team to leverage all the benefits of NetBrain without the headaches of implementation and licensing.

Ultimately, a TaaS provider will be able to provide your IT team with a simple, intuitive portal and custom dashboards for generating powerful reports, managing service tickets and optimizing your IT environment. As organizations face the high cost of owning and managing numerous tools, TaaS will likely become an increasingly attractive path for accessing next-generation monitoring tools.


June 25, 2018