How Advanced Micro-Segmentation Can Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches


There’s no doubt that doubling down on security is a top priority for today’s technology leaders, especially given the growing number of highly targeted and coordinated data breaches in the last year alone. So as an enterprise, how do you accelerate the deployment of business-critical applications without compromising security? After all, it’s evident that perimeter-only network security strategies alone are no longer enough to prevent today’s most sophisticated cyber attacks.

In a special edition of Burwood Group’s Security Updates quarterly webinar, Justin Flynn, SE Manager at Burwood Group, discussed the benefits and pathway to a software-defined data center and shared how to use micro-segmentation to deploy security controls inside the data center using a VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks integrated solution.

While traditional perimeter-only network security strategies ensure that critical servers are protected from threats outside the network, this model largely ignores lower priority systems which may not be as protected and can become entry points to many of today’s attacks. This is particularly true for organizations that use partner connections or systems that are not fully owned by the organization, causing them to have to rely on others for security, Justin explained.

Today’s attackers leverage this gap and target low priority systems once they’re in the data center. Rather than breaking in, stealing data and leaving, attackers take their time propagating and moving between VMs in the data center. They gather and exfiltrate data over the span of weeks or even months, without organizations ever suspecting that they’ve been infected.

An initial suggestion might be to have individual firewalls for every VM. However, with traditional technology this is operationally infeasible using either physical or virtual firewalls. The solution is micro-segmentation, which delivers the operational agility of network virtualization that is key to a modern software-defined data center.

Micro-segmentation through the VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks integrated solution can unlock the full potential of the software-defined data center. Watch Justin’s demo to see how the solution optimizes capacity utilization and operational efficiencies to greater flexibility and agility, all while introducing granular security and visibility – even against the most aggressive modern-day threats

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October 14, 2015