How to regain the missing piece of your cloud strategy: Cost predictability.


For many organizations, the ease and agility of the cloud are proving to be a double-edged sword. A lack of governance and collaboration have led to wasted spend, unpredictable cloud bills, and cloud vendor lock-in due to the rapid growth of cloud infrastructures. What’s missing is a central IT structure to determine if, how, and when business units should initiate cloud deployments so that consistent deployment models, management processes, and governance policies can be enforced across the organization.

Don’t Let Cost Limit Your Migration to the Cloud  

RightScale estimates that 30-45% of cloud spend is wasted. To combat this, cloud cost optimization services are helping organizations effectively manage their cloud spend across all of their business units, cloud accounts, clouds, and applications. The first step is often a cost assessment, which allows you to pinpoint wasted spend and provides greater visibility into your total cloud costs.

Uncovered wasted spend can result in an immediate savings averaging 20%-30% of monthly cloud costs. In addition, optimizing your cloud spend enables your team to:

  • Ensure your organization is on the most appropriate and cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times

  • Identify the best discounting options based on your cloud usage level

  • Enable you to implement budget controls to avoid cost overages

  • Forecast multi-cloud spend for your enterprise so budgeting is more accurate

  • Provide the ability to allocate cloud costs to the appropriate cost centers or teams

  • Enforce governance across your multi-cloud infrastructure

  • Set up automated policies and actions to enforce standards and procedures

Select a Cloud Cost Optimization service that addresses the most challenging aspects of cost containment, which is often where cloud accounts are decentralized across the enterprise. It should have the ability to aggregate environments to enable true cloud governance within even the largest enterprises and allows cloud teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to manage costs. 

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March 1, 2018