Missed Google Cloud Next 2018? Our 7 Favorite Sessions


Last month several Burwood Group team members attended Google Cloud Next 2018 in San Francisco, Google’s annual user conference for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As a new GCP partner, we played the divide & conquer game to cover as much ground as possible. Google published a comprehensive list of the 105 solution and product launches, customer stories, and announcements from Next ’18. But seriously: who has time to watch everything? We narrowed the list down to our seven favorite sessions/announcements:

1. GKE On-Prem: This was one of, if not the most impactful announcement for customers thinking about cloud migration. Google will now install its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) directly into your data center. This includes multi-cluster management and can be deployed on-premise or in other clouds, laying the foundation for true hybrid computing. A great entry point to cloud adoption.

2. GKE serverless add-on: Runs serverless workloads that scale up and down automatically, or respond to events, on top of Kubernetes Engine.

3. Ocado: A fascinating case study of Google Cloud AI capabilities in retail, with cross-industry application potential. This online-only supermarket uses Google Cloud AI to power its machine learning model for responding to customer requests and detecting fraud much faster.

4. Cisco partnership updates: For Burwood’s Cisco customers, there were several new updates including integrations with Cisco Customer Journey solutions, integrations with Webex and G Suite, and a new developer challenge for hybrid solutions.

5. Scotiabank: Another interesting case study, this time talking digital transformation in banking. This Canadian banking institution shares its views on modernizing and using the cloud to solve inherent problems inside an organization.

6. Contact Center AI: A must-read for contact center operations and IT leaders. Google’s solution includes new Dialogflow features alongside other tools like Agent Assist (supports a live agent during a conversation and provides real-time relevant info) and Conversational Topic Modeler (uses Google AI to analyze historical audio and chat logs to uncover customer interaction trends).

7. BigQuery ML: Google announced a new capability that allows data analysts and data scientists to easily build machine learning models directly from BigQuery with simple SQL commands, making machine learning more accessible to all.

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September 10, 2018

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