Q&A with Renée Lawrence: Driving Momentum in Operations Management


IT operations teams can attest to the need to do more with less, handling challenging workloads and shrinking budgets – all while striving to meet management expectations for improved performance and business agility.

 For organizations that rely on their IT talent to maintain ­their competitive edge, the benefits of operations management are becoming increasingly clear. From OpEx gains and access to comprehensive tools and analytics, IT operations management delivers numerous advantages.

In a recent sit-down with Renée Lawrence, Burwood Group’s Director of Technical Marketing, we discussed the growing need driving this trend, and how Burwood Group’s operations management team is advancing best practices with best-of-breed tools to fulfill it.

How do Burwood’s operations management services differ from traditional managed services?

Sometimes companies have operational challenges that stem from a misalignment of people, process, and technology. A typical managed services provider can help stave off the immediate concerns by responding to tickets and remediating issues. At Burwood, we believe a broader approach is even more valuable.

Our operations management solution goes further by augmenting the ability of the IT team to address the immediate issues, while also improving core processes and operations to ultimately lower costs and save time. We manage the provisioning, capacity, performance, compliance, and availability of our customers’ IT infrastructure, covering everything from on-premises data centers, private cloud, and public cloud—all at a lower cost than is possible with around-the-clock in-house staff.

By helping our customers evolve from reactive fixes to proactive problem management, they are able to free up their teams to focus on moving their business forward rather than managing the day to day. I think is most important benefit we provide is in help improve end-user satisfaction and productivity by preventing issues from arising in the first place.

Can operations management services provide access to tools that an organization might not otherwise use?   

Absolutely. We use monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools that increase the visibility of a customer’s infrastructure and its performance. We help keep current infrastructure running smoothly and can recommend next steps in infrastructure evolution.

We often find that organizations want to use more automation and have more visibility of their environment, but they haven’t had the time or resources to license, implement, and train on the latest tools. We’ve invested in a comprehensive set of IT management tools, along with best practices for using them. What you get with our operations management services is access to tools that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The Burwood Customer Management portal is a console that our customers can use to access tools, review status and reports, and interact with our Operations Center. Customers can also access tools as a service -- we provide our customers with both Burwood developed and partners tools on a monthly subscription basis.

As an extension of the team, we also collaborate with customers to support strategic initiatives using these tool sets. For example, whether there’s a cloud practice in place or a customer is planning strategy, we can provide them with guidance and help them leverage automation and orchestration tools to support their cloud initiatives.

How has Burwood Group been responding to the growing demand for operations management services?

We’ve had a strong operations management team in place for some time, and we’ve been adding talent. We’ve expanded our operations capabilities by opening another operations center in the Midwest. We’ve made some strategic hires to our team with senior operations engineers, solutions architects, and developers. And, our new operations director, Jay Haripriyan, joined us at the beginning of the year. She has a strong operational process, customer service, and software development background. We’ve also built out engineering teams dedicated to developing and integrating IT service management and IT operations management tools sets.

To learn how Burwood’s team of experts can support yours, please connect with us today for a demo of our user-friendly portal for operations management customers.

May 7, 2019