Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting an IT Managed Services Provider

Whether you are looking for assistance monitoring your network, managing your unified communication and telephony system, or even your Citrix environment, using a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for technology teams.

Managed services can include Citrix, cloud, network, server, application, and storage monitoring and management. It works like this: Your MSP becomes an extension of your staff to ensure seamless support and the reliability of your infrastructure, including integration with your current tools, processes, and personnel. Managed services assume the day-to-day operational tasks, so that your in-house team can concentrate on strategy, vision, and the needs of the business.

Selecting the right Managed Services Provider for your organization can be a daunting task, but we’ve outlined several important questions to discuss with a prospective MSP in our free eBook. And today I’m sharing with you the top pitfalls to avoid when choosing an MSP. Watch the video above and as always, reach out to us with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

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Hello, I'm Johanna Robinson. I'm the regional vice president for Burwood Group. Today I'm going to walk you through the top ten pitfalls to avoid when collecting your IP managed services provider.

Selecting an IT Managed Services Provider

So you're thinking about selecting an IT managed services provider. Maybe you need help monitoring your network. Maybe you need help managing and monitoring your unified communications and telephony systems or even a Citrix environment. Maybe you're someone in healthcare and you’re a healthcare provider that's embraced telemedicine and you don't want to have a lapse of patient care by having your audio-visual equipment go down. Either way, I'm going to walk you through the top ten pitfalls to avoid.

What to Look for in an IT Managed Services Provider

  1. Are they providing the services themselves or are they white labeling another solution? You want to know. You want to know the service provider that's actually going to be providing the services you receive.
  2. Is it onshore or offshore? And is that important to you? You want to know where your information and data is going.
  3. Do they nickel and dime you? Or will they? You want to make sure you have a service provider that's going to be flexible and provide you a budget-friendly, cost-effective solution to meet your needs.
  4. Is it a stable company? You're going to invest time, resources and money in managing this partnership and you want to make sure they're going to be here in another year.
  5. Does your provider offer you best-in-class tools, technologies and back-office solutions? Even a service provider with the best intentions, if they don't have the right tools, they're not going to be able to identify and resolve the issue.
  6. Is it really a service or is it a break/fix solution with a pre-wrap product? You want a service provider that's going to be proactive, not just reactive.
  7. Is your service provider just a body shop? You want someone that has expertise, people, process and technologies specific to what you're trying to accomplish.
  8. Do they say yes to everything? You don't just want a yes-man or yes-woman. You want someone that's going to be honest and give you a detailed methodology on how they're going to manage the environment.
  9. Are they a one-trick pony? You want a service provider that can offer you a suite of services and solutions to meet your customized needs.
  10. Do they actually have practical expertise building the environment that they're going to manage? If they don't have the ability to resolve complex issues, they're not going to be able to remediate and the work is just going to end up back on your plate.

We've just spent the last few minutes reviewing the top ten pitfalls to avoid when selecting your IT managed services provider. For more information about how Burwood Group provides better solutions for better outcomes, visit our website at


January 30, 2017