Who Can Benefit from Enterprise DaaS?


Theoretically, any organization could benefit from a more scalable desktop strategy. In reality, some need that agility more than others.

As we explained in a previous post, enterprise desktop-as-a- service (DaaS) makes it simpler and less costly for organizations with large databases to quickly add any number of virtual desktops. What distinguishes enterprise DaaS from standard DaaS is the ability to integrate a broad range of applications and large databases into the virtual desktop.

Let's look at some possible use cases.

The minimum-hassle merger or acquisition

You've just finalized a big merger. The minute the ink is dry on the merger agreement, 200 new employees need access to their applications and data so they can continue to be productive. Enterprise DaaS enables fast roll-out, with the option of moving employees back to on-premise infrastructure as the newly combined organization is stabilized.

Your enterprise DaaS service provider assumes responsibility for providing licensed applications and/or incorporating your licensed products into your virtual desktops. So, you sidestep the full costs of perpetual licenses for software you only need for a couple of months.

What distinguishes enterprise DaaS from standard DaaS is the ability to integrate a broad range of applications and large databases into the virtual desktop.

'Tis the season for fast scale-up for seasonal work

Fast, temporary roll-out of desktops has always been a challenge for businesses with major seasonal variations in workflow. Rarely can a corporate data center quickly add or remove the routers, switches, and servers required to support hundreds of additional desktops.

Imagine that your company provides outsourced contact center services for a wide range of consumer product companies. Come Christmas time or summer vacations, demand for your services is very high as customers implement seasonal promotions. You hire hundreds of contingent workers to support multiple campaigns.

With enterprise DaaS, you can add all the virtual desktops you need for the duration of a sales campaign. When the campaign is over, all those extra desktops disappear, and you're not stuck with costly unneeded software licenses.

Or, you're in the tax accounting business. January through April is the busiest time of the year for your three-city firm, and you typically hire 50 additional tax preparers to handle the extra workload. Using enterprise DaaS, you can provide those short-term tax experts with secure access to sensitive client data—but you don't have to maintain that extra capacity all year round.

Enterprise DaaS potential is only emerging

To be clear, that ability to quickly give users access to a range of applications and large databases is potentially valuable in many industries. Any time you want to expand your workforce capacity while retaining control of your data, enterprise DaaS should be evaluated as a potential solution.

And what CFO, in any sector, wouldn't appreciate the shiny penny that is averting perpetual licensing? From simplicity and agility to better use of company dollars, enterprise DaaS is poised to become a game changer.

Burwood Group is pleased to publish this post in partnership with Citrix, our trusted partner in creating secure, mobile solutions for application and data delivery. All opinions are our own.


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December 19, 2017