Why Focused Technology Project Management is a Must


In today's fast-changing tech world, opportunities abound to improve IT offerings—as do the challenges associated with adopting new practices and systems on budget, on time, and on mission. Still, more than half of all IT projects are failing, according to a recent study. A survey of 126 IT professionals found that 55 percent of them had experienced a project fail—a significant jump from 32 percent in 2014. Why? Because, all too often, well thought-out projects fail because resource allocation does not align with business goals.

“Why invest in a traffic cop who dots the I’s and crosses the T’s when the real priority is the tech development itself?”

Effective project management represents a powerful way forward—but it's often left by the wayside. It's easy to understand the desire to cut corners: Budgets are ever-tightening despite relentless demand for fast, reliable information delivery. Why invest in a traffic cop who dots the I's and crosses the T's when the real priority is the tech development itself?

The reality is that the role of project management has changed dramatically over the last few years. Its importance has grown as technology strategy has become more central to business strategy. Investing in smart project management can not only drive project success rates, but also can increase the value of the technology investment by ensuring that technology selection, implementation, and adoption plans are aligned with larger business strategy.

A tech-savvy project management office (PMO) can guide technical decision-making in a way that keeps business goals consistently front and center throughout the process. Helmed by a tech-savvy project manager who understands the business goals and the technology, every new initiative can support the strategic vision—and be brought to life on budget and on time.

In short, project management office pays for itself by keeping a valuable technology initiative from going off the rails and over the budget. It's an investment in protecting a much larger investment: your technology.

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Why Do I Need a Technology Project Manager?

Hi, my name is Keith Arthur I'm a senior project manager here at Burwood Group. One of the questions I get asked quite often is, “why do we need a project manager on this particular initiative?” A good project manager is going to help align the strategic initiative with the overall vision of a company. The project manager’s sole purpose is to help protect that vision and ensure that whatever that project is, whatever that engagement is, it’s going to fit in alignment with where the company is going.

Why Burwood Group for a Technology PMO?

What differentiates Burwood Group's project management team from other PMO's out there? Our project managers are not just passionate about technology but they also understand it. IT management is becoming less and less about keeping the lights on and is becoming more increasingly about aligning technology with the overall business strategy. Technical project managers help that alignment by understanding how technology fits in and having those technical conversations and facilitating those technical conversations with IT staff all the way up to the c-level to make sure that from a business perspective the project makes sense and is staying on track, and that the technology makes sense for that particular organization.

Justifying a Project Management Team

So how does an organization justify the cost for a project manager or project management team? A project manager’s focus first and foremost should be on controlling the scope of work, and as technology is constantly changing this is becoming an increasingly difficult task as organizations try to adopt the changes in technology to their current in issue. So having a good project manager is an investment in the organization is they help control the scope which then controls the budget and the timeline to make sure that projects are being completed on schedule and within the budget.

Burwood Group’s project management team links management, clients and staff to the overall strategic vision for the company. I'm Keith Arthur, thanks for watching.



September 18, 2017