Carle Foundation Hospital & Burwood Group: 15 Years of Technology Partnership

What began as an emergency outage call became a powerful partnership based on expertise, trust, and a mutual passion for community healthcare.



“With Burwood’s help we have enhanced our network, we’ve added redundancy, and we continue to grow with technology and innovation. In turn that helps Carle in providing better healthcare to the community.”

Doug Buttry, Information Technology Director



The Four Contact Center Maturity Stages: Where Do You Rank?

Burwood Group helped Carle transform from 13,000 phones and disjointed contact center locations to a unified Cisco contact center platform with customized training for all agents. Carle continues their journey today towards transforming the contact center into a true patient experience center.

Through our extensive work with healthcare clients, Burwood has created a contact center maturity roadmap comprised of four key stages. Read our to determine where you rank and how to get to the next level.


Created in partnership with Cisco:

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