Cloud Cost Optimization & Management


By industry estimates, as much as 30–45 percent of cloud spend is wasted. For too many organizations, governance and collaboration challenges have thwarted return on investment, yielding unpredictable cloud services bills, and cloud vendor lock-in. Burwood Group’s cloud optimization services help you make the most of your cloud investments—and reduce the waste.

The amount of waste may come as a surprise, considering the general perception that moving to the cloud will automatically reduce IT costs. The reality is that those savings may not materialize for several years. In fact, costs may rise during migration because of increased need for staffing, support, and infrastructure as you manage your on-premise and cloud environments.

Reviewing cloud bills doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of wasted spend. Bills are often highly detailed and complicated, making it difficult to determine which application, department, or resource is the source of a cost overrun. Furthermore, as your cloud usage grows, the amount of billing detail becomes increasingly unmanageable for one person to review with a spreadsheet. Burwood Group uses cloud cost optimization software to proactively review cloud spend, pinpoint waste, and analyze data for planning.

Burwood Group’s cost optimization services help you effectively manage your cloud spend across all of your business units, cloud accounts, clouds, and applications. Our services begin with a cloud cost assessment that enables you to pinpoint wasted spend and to understand your total cloud costs.

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How to regain the missing piece of your cloud strategy: Cost predictability.

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Optimize Your Cloud Investment Today

Cutting wasted spend is only one step toward cost optimization.


Simply uncovering wasted spend can result in immediate savings averaging 20–30 percent of your monthly cloud costs. Our cost optimization service is based on best practices and multiple strategies to help you:

  • Operate with the most appropriate and cost-effective cloud infrastructure at all times

  • Identify the best discounting options based on your cloud usage level

  • Implement budget controls to avoid cost overages

  • Forecast multi-cloud spend for your enterprise for more accurate budgeting  

  • Allocate cloud costs to the appropriate cost centers or teams

  • Enforce governance across your multi-cloud infrastructure

  • Use automated policies and actions to enforce standards and procedures

In many organizations, different offices and business units have adopted cloud services independently rather than as part of a larger IT strategy. As a result, one of the most challenging aspects of cloud cost optimization is to create a holistic picture of cloud services used across your enterprise.


Why Burwood Group?

Burwood Group can help you establish a central IT structure and process for determining if, and then how, business units should initiate cloud deployments. Through centralized governance, even the largest organization can aggregate information about its cloud services, adopt consistent deployment models, and collaborate with business leaders to manage costs.