Application Cloud Readiness Assessment & Solutions

Moving workloads to public or private cloud services can improve organizational flexibility and agility, and reduce costs—but only if your organization is truly ready to make the change and has created a roadmap for the journey. Contrary to popular perception, moving some or all IT activities to the cloud is typically a resource-intensive journey involving numerous pitfalls. Burwood Group helps organization assess their environment and prepare for cloud adoption through our Cloud Enablement Framework.

Advance work is often required before a workload can be migrated to the cloud. For example, an organization may seek to move its entire data center to the public cloud. However, that move isn’t possible without virtualization. And, some legacy applications may run on operating systems that the major cloud providers don’t support. Or, IT leadership may pursue a cloud strategy without engaging the input of its infrastructure team.


Common problems with cloud readiness include:

  • Underestimating the Difficulty: The “lift and shift” approach doesn’t work for every application. Often, a better approach is to build new applications rather than migrate existing resources.

  • Security Strategy: Security is often an after-thought in cloud migration—but it should be built into the planning. While public cloud options like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud offer robust security systems, an organization’s data is only as secure as its configuration and governance. In addition, some organizations must pay special attention to data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOX, which may not be addressed in standard cloud security programs.

  • Optimization: IT teams need a plan for controlling their cloud environments to properly provide resources with user groups—or risk underutilizing services and undermining return on investment. Training and communication for adoption is critical.

  • Cost Control: Without a close assessment of real-world usage, an organization risks paying for more cloud capacity or functionality than is needed to achieve its business goals. That’s one reason many companies are turning to Burwood Group’s Cloud Services for support.


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Why Burwood Group?

Burwood advises clients to step back before beginning significant cloud migrations. We focus on your technology and business goals, and your unique IT environment, to help you determine how cloud services can help. The availability of a particular kind of cloud service doesn’t justify its use. More critical, is the holistic picture of how your organization can best achieve its business and technical goals.

We build an assessment of your organization’s cloud readiness into our Cloud Strategy service. Through a comprehensive discovery process, we assess your current environment and analyze the resources available and required to leverage the cloud. For example, what applications and data could be smoothly transitioned to the cloud, with minimum business disruption? Which ones require significant pre-work before migration can begin?  

We help you uncover key challenges related to security, data portability, estimated operational downtime, reliability of your current solutions versus a cloud solution, and other critical issues. With a holistic picture of your cloud readiness and objectives, you will be prepared to plan your cloud strategy and roadmap.