Introduction to Containers & Kubernetes


Jumpstart your container education with Burwood Group in our two-day workshop including lab, demos, and use cases. 

Containers and Kubernetes represent a modern way to package applications allowing development teams to move fast, deploy software efficiently, and operate at an unprecedented scale. Containerization is foundational for organizations wanting to build and leverage apps based on microservices where developers can focus on shipping features while DevOps platform teams focus on deployment and management.

Burwood offers a two-day Introduction to Container & Kubernetes Workshop to provide your team with an overview of containers and Kubernetes, as well as lab demos and relevant use cases for your technical team.

Course Content


  • Overview of containers and common use cases

  • Review container architecture

  • Dockerfile creation

  • Docker image creation and management

  • Docker storage


  • Container lab

    • Build and launch Python or .NET app in a container

  • Overview of Kubernetes: Container orchestration and management

    • Service, pod, deployment overview

    • Configuration maps, secrets

    • StatefulSets, Persistent Volume Claim overview

  • Discussion of Code Lifecycle: Enabling developer productivity

  • Review container security

  • Kubernetes lab

    • Build containerized Python application and deploy to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


  • Overview of continuous integration with GKE

  • Conduct package management (Helm) overview and demo


Your Instructor: James Anderton

James Anderton is a DevOps Architect in Burwood’s Cloud Services organization. His focus is in making Cloud, Containers, and DevOps useful to organizations of all size and maturity. James leverages his background in IT automation and wielding strategic visibility into the inner workings of both Enterprise IT and large vendor post-sales technical account management.

James has experience designing, delivering, and coordinating high-quality learning experiences via instructor-led delivery of custom training as well as development of complex automation solutions. James has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 100 manufacturing and retail to healthcare education where he applies his consultative approach to create innovative solutions to solving complex business needs. He is a passionate Innovator, Strategist, Evangelist, and Mentor of Global Teams.

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Why Burwood Group?

Burwood believes IT must run faster than the business it supports. As an IT consulting and integration firm, we help clients improve their network, security, collaboration, and cloud maturity by leveraging the benefits of automation. Realizing automation’s cumulative, strategic effects gives our clients the agility and speed required to enhance end user experience, support critical applications, and propel the business forward.

Burwood Group maintains a dedicated team of DevOps practitioners and architects within our Burwood Cloud Services team. We are active community members, sponsoring several North American DevOps events over the course of 2019.