Email Protection

Email has become an essential part of living, learning and working. Yet it’s also one of the most common channels for cybersecurity attacks. Security awareness education can help—but so can today’s tools for identifying malware, malicious links, ransomware, impersonation, phishing and other threats transmitted via email.

Burwood Group’s security experts understand the myriad risks that email can pose to your organization. Our email protection services use the best-of-breed tools of Mimecast to streamline and simplify email security, from email and web security, archive, and data protection to uptime assurance and more.

Our services address the breadth of threats that can arrive in the form of an email:

  • Targeted threat protection. We deploy threat protection that uses sophisticated detection technology and threat intelligence to defend your email users against impersonation attempts, malicious URLs and attachments, spear-phishing, ransomware and other targeted attacks. 

  • Protection across all devices. Malicious email content can cause harm whether it’s opened on a mobile device or a desktop computer. We help you protect email users no matter what device is being used.

  • Email encryption and secure delivery. With an automation tool, we enable your users to securely send messages without manual action. 

  • Internal email protection. Security threats can arise from emails generated within your own email system, whether those emails are sent from one organizational user to another or to external recipients. We deploy internal email protection that scans attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links, and automatically deletes infected emails and attachments from user inboxes. And, through content filtering, you can implement data leak prevention policies to control the sharing of sensitive information.

  • Enterprise reporting. Behind the scenes, we deploy a reporting tool that enables your administrators to view real-time, end-to-end threat trends. Armed with this analysis, your team can alert users of a particular email issue and gain insight into how and where threats are occurring.   


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