Enterprise Contact Center Consulting & Outsourcing

Yesterday’s phone-based call centers have evolved into integrated, omnichannel centers that seamlessly blend voice, online chat, text messaging, social media, and even video. New contact center solutions—including Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Google Cloud Contact Center AI—improve consumer experience and engagement, delivering return on investment in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

Burwood Group can help you assess the maturity level of your contact centers and create an “art of the possible”  roadmap toward your optimal contact center. We’ve investing in the right people, processes, and technologies to help you blend disparate communication channels into a true omnichannel contact center experience. For example, Burwood Group is a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) Specialist, and we’ve create a robust data analytics practice to help you optimize your contact center operations.

Integrated omnichannel communications

“Omnichannel” means far more than simply offering customers new ways to communicate—it means integrating your contact channels.

For example, when a consumer initiates contact on your website, your website could offer the option of online chat or a phone call. Chatbots and conversational interactive voice response (IVR) can expedite connecting the customer with the information they need or with a live agent, and automatically transfer customer information to the customer service representative. Through CRM integration and artificial intelligence tools, we can equip your customer service agents to view customer history and quickly resolve customer issues on the spot. 

Updating your contact center infrastructure

Legacy contact center facilities often lack the technology infrastructure needed to support modern contact center strategies and workplaces. And, companies often want to avoid getting locked into costly on-premise solutions that are difficult to scale or modernize. New cloud-based solutions can provide a cost-effective alternative that enables agility and can be easily scaled up or down as needed. With our Contact Center Cloud Readiness Assessment, we can help you determine whether a cloud-based solution would be the right solution for your organization.

Contact center IT outsourcing

Many organizations invest in new tools and platforms, yet never realize the full return on investment because they lack the knowledge, time and staff to correctly implement and maintain their systems. Resource constraints mean IT teams react to issues, rather than helping transform the customer experience.

Contact center IT outsourcing can give your team the support it needs to reduce the risk of costly business disruptions. We’ve invested in advanced monitoring and automation tools that enable us to prevent equipment failures and keep your business operating smoothly.

Outsourced IT support services lighten the workload of your contact center IT team, helping prevent burnout and turnover, and freeing staff resources to focus on more rewarding, strategic projects. In addition to managing upgrades and maintenance, and handling time-consuming vendor calls, our services give you access to specialized expertise without the high cost of hiring additional staff.