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Connected Workspace

Today's highly-connected, mobile workforce expects a flexible work environment that supports collaboration and communication from any place, through any device, at any time. Whether your goal is to boost productivity, attract and retain talent, enhance customer service, or reduce costs, reexamining your office environment is a critical starting point. And it's not just about where we work. How we work has evolved too. The digitization of business processes requires a physical, cultural, and technical workplace transformation.

Last year, over 60 percent of employees globally said they value workplace flexibility over salary. And by 2020, over 90 percent of technology spend will be outside of IT. Burwood Group has helped organizations leverage cloud collaboration technologies that enable mobility, fast provisioning, and application integration. We help IT leaders set new expectations for what “my office” means, and harness technologies that inspire innovation and greater productivity.

Merger & Acquisition

A global insurance brokerage acquiring smaller firms at a rapid pace desired a better approach to support desktops across the U.S. without dramatically increasing IT staff. Burwood designed a virtualization environment accessible through a single data center. This enabled staff to seamlessly virtualize new locations in quick succession and, enabled the business to save operational costs in end-user device support.

Employee Retention

A manufacturing firm found it difficult to attract and retain young millennial talent to work in their global headquarters in rural Illinois. As they began construction on a new campus, Burwood signed on to transform the office building into an experience center. Burwood designed a unified communications platform and virtualization infrastructure to establish a foundation for collaborative working habits and a new generation of employees.

Distance Education

When a nationally-recognized university was forced to cancel classes due to low enrollment, they risked impending fines and student dissatisfaction. To solve this problem, Burwood Group designed a multi-site distance learning experience using video and rich collaboration features. The tech-savvy student population embraced the transformation and the university achieved their cost-savings and satisfaction goals.  

Advisory Services

  • Facility Development and Transformation
  • Training and Technology Adoption
  • Unified Communications Strategy
  • Clinical Technology Assessment

Core Capabilities

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Mobility & End User Computing
  • Workplace Transformation & Technology Adoption

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