Firewall Policy Management

Your IT team likely has a process for creating firewall policies. But do you have a protocol and tools to manage them? As security strategies become more complex, firewall policy management often falls to the bottom of the priority list—creating security and compliance risks. Burwood Group’s security experts can help you get your firewall policies under control and strengthen your front line of defense against security threats.

Firewall policies are proliferating at most organizations—from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands of rules—as IT teams respond to new threats, new data privacy and security regulations and new workplace technologies. Even a small organization may have multiple firewalls and associated policies. Left unmanaged, rules may be conflicting, misconfigured, redundant or unused. Policies may be outdated and no longer serving a business need, while creating an opening for malicious attacks.

The reality is that a firewall is only as effective as the policies that manage it. Yet, given the volume and complexity of rules proliferation, few organizations want to dedicate countless labor hours to manual analysis and audit of policies. And, security executives and firewall administrators may not be aligned with regard to change management processes and network access controls.

Burwood Group can help you overcome the obstacles in the way of firewall policy management. We can help you choose automated configuration tools to help eliminate unneeded rules and test new or modified rules before putting them into practice. And, we can help you establish change management processes to control rule modification and creation.

Today’s tools make it faster and easier to:

  • Delete shadowed rules that are effectively useless

  • Delete expired and unused rules and objects

  • Remove unused connections

  • Enforce consistent object naming conventions that make the rule base easy to understand

  • Remove duplicate objects defined twice with different names

  • Break up long rule sections smaller scopes

  • Document rules, objects and policy revisions for future reference

With the right tools and change management processes, you can manage not only your policies, but also complex policy changes, compliance audits and multiple firewall devices. Rather than being an overlooked chore, firewall policy management can become a vital part of your security posture.


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