Google University


Learn what it takes to become a cloud administrator using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google’s suite of cloud computing services. 


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Burwood conducts this workshop in large-format sessions or customized for your IT team. Contact us to schedule a private session for your IT team.

As cloud adoption rates rise, and more operations shift to the cloud, new questions are cropping up around management strategy. Which operations should be migrated—and how? How will data be safeguarded from the get-go, and into the future? What are best practices for cloud management and governance?

Burwood Group is pleased to offer Google University, a one-day foundational course to jump-start your knowledge of GCP and enable you to make decisions about cloud migration, provisioning, and governance in your own environment.

About the Course

This technical, one-day course is ideal for IT personnel interested in leveraging cloud in their organizations. Using Google Cloud Platform as a strong foundation, Burwood Group’s expert instructors will enable you to:

  • Get comfortable with provisioning and managing resources in the cloud

  • Understand how to safely deploy and secure applications & infrastructure

  • Learn best practices for governing and managing access

Course Content


  • Organization and Account Structure

  • Billing Best Practices

  • Policy Management

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Operations Management and Monitoring


  • Architecture Considerations

  • Key and Secret Management

  • Firewall Rules

  • Private Access

  • Remote Access

  • Logging and Auditing

  • Compliance

Hands-On Labs

  • Create Serverless Cloud Function to monitor Storage Bucket

  • Set-up VPC Peering

  • Set-up Monitoring


  • Introduction to GCP

  • Navigating GCP Cloud Console

  • Compute & Kubernetes Engine

  • Storage

  • Networking


  • Create Project

  • Create Compute Instance

  • Create VPC and Firewall Rules

  • Deploy Linux Web Server from Template

  • Create Load Balancer

Your Instructors

James Anderton DevOps Architect.jpg

James Anderton

James Anderton is a DevOps Architect at Burwood Group.


Andy Baran

Andy Baran is a Technical Architect with Burwood Group.

Why Burwood Group?

Technology system planning, design, and implementation are the foundation of Burwood Group’s 20+ years as an IT consulting and integration firm. From implementing VoIP in 1997 to architecting hybrid cloud environments in 2018, our consultants thrive on creating sophisticated solutions for complex problems.

Today, we spend a lot of time helping our clients leverage cloud in a strategic way. Cloud strategy, migration, security, and management are all part of our Cloud Enablement solution portfolio. We draw on cross-industry expertise and strategic partners to develop custom public, private, and hybrid cloud environments that support business applications and users.

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