Perimeter Security

In the past, your network perimeter marked a clear boundary between your IT infrastructure and assets and the world beyond. Today’s networks extend far and wide, reshaped by cloud computing, mobile working and connected devices. Employees are increasingly mobile, accessing resources from external networks and mobile devices. Data and applications aren’t necessarily on-premise either, as more companies store applications and data on servers they don’t necessarily own.

In short, your network perimeter is everywhere, and it’s vulnerable. Threats have multiplied as the number of access points to organizational systems has grown to include everything from smart building systems and point-of-sale terminals to email systems and file-sharing applications. IT teams are challenged to constantly monitor, detect, and respond to potential threats—while continuing to provide end-users with fast and convenient access to applications and data.

Next-generation firewalls

At Burwood Group, our view is that yesterday’s approaches don’t work for today’s blurred perimeters. We help you adopt next-generation firewalls, based on best practices and best-of-breed technologies from Palo Alto Networks and Cisco, that protect your network traffic without slowing down the pace of business or compromising privacy.

We help you design and implement perimeter solutions tailored for your environment, encompassing:

  • Dedicated hardware for networking, security, signature matching and management functions that enable high-speed transmission of encrypted traffic

  • Strong multi-factor authentication methods to limit information access only to  trusted users, devices and applications

  • Segmented roles for different user groups and devices

  • Enhanced security services embedded inside applications

  • Network monitoring to detect traffic anomalies that may represent threats

  • Tools for rapid deployment of policies to local and remote users

  • Appliances to block a wide range of threats across all ports, and to limit the unauthorized transfer of files and data

  • East-West server-to-server security

  • Micro-segmentation, in which security policies are assigned to individual applications and workloads


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