CISO as-a-Service

Experience the alignment, governance, and oversight of a Chief Information Security Officer with decreased cost and increased accountability.


Only one third of organizations believe they have adequate resources to manage security effectively. Yet not enough organizations have adopted a proactive approach to cyber protection. Security remains sidelined until a data breach, attack, or compliance audit occurs. SOCs and NOCs approach information security as an IT problem. The potential ramifications require a bigger picture approach.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an accountable, c-level counterpart to CIOs, Chief Risk Officers, and other C-level executives with fiduciary responsibilities. The CISO oversees and drives a security program with an eye towards governance, risk management, change management, and operations.

As many IT teams struggle to define security, prioritize investments, and roll out new protocols, an independent and unbiased view of risk, compliance, and security postures is often needed. Burwood Group’s CISO as-a-Service delivers cost-effective, measurable outcomes for:


Create an accountable security leader and program.

Every organization experiences changing requirements based on industry, size, and workforce. Offering a new approach to security management, Burwood’s CISO as-a-Service provides IT teams with expert oversight and strategic guidance.

ciso as-a-Service benefits

  • Comprehensive, scalable security program with strategic guidance on how to protect against advanced threats

  • Security Planning: Initial plans and priority development, progress-tracking and industry trend updates

  • Architect On-Demand Access: Ongoing access to Cyber and Information Security Architect for input and design

  • PoC / Demo Assistance: Development of key decision criteria and facilitated vendor reviews

  • Senior-level quarterly presentations detailing your security posture and long-term recommendations

  • Coordination of incident response from an unbiased, independent perspective

  • Creation of independent audit and assessment reports, assisting with prioritizing issues and tracking resolution