increase your team's relevance
by transforming into an IT service provider within your organization

Burwood As-a-Service

The role of IT in the enterprise organization is changing. Initiatives that once held high visibility and mandated extensive time – unified communications upgrades, server builds, intensive deployments – have become utilities. IT leaders are expected to focus on strategic initiatives with potential to impact business outcomes. Yet how do we run effective utility streams at a minimal time commitment?

Increase your team's relevance by transforming into an IT service provider within your organization. Become a broker of technologies that meet individual business needs. Create an agile, customized suite of services that allow you to realize faster time to value and on-demand customer service for critical functions.

Shifting to this model requires cultural change and detailed planning to maximize investments. Burwood's consultative planning approach focuses on use case development to identify the right service models for your business. We identify acute business problems and areas where we can improve your speed to value. From managed services, to outsourcing, to a true as-a-service solution, Burwood as-a-Service provides you with customized options for sourcing critical IT infrastructure functions. We consider complex questions such as:

  • Should I migrate from an on-premises environment to private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid model? How do my use cases impact my decision?
  • What type of managed services model will fit my dispersed Unified Communications environment?
  • How do I architect a new sourcing model for my compute, backup, store, and disaster recovery requirements? environment?

For more insight, download our free eBook: A Practical Guide for Selecting the Right Managed Services Path for Your Organization.