Higher Education Technology


Invest in higher education technology solutions that impact student retention, engagement, and outcomes.

Rapid technology evolution is changing the way we learn, work, and educate. 

Burwood Group is helping educators keep up with what's expected now: highly-available, secure systems that give end-users the tools they require. We believe technology purchases should impact the primary issues facing educational institutions today: 

  • Improving student retention, engagement, and outcomes

  • Applying technology to teaching and learning

  • Creating a funding model for core services, growth, and innovation

We partner with public and private universities, community colleges, and for-profit learning institutions to create higher education technology solutions that meet the administration and students’ needs.


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Why Burwood Group?

Using technology, Burwood Group is able to improve both quality and accessibility of education and help our clients provide a consistent experience for students and educators. In doing so, our consultants become a valuable extension of your team. From mobile application access, to distance learning program design, to general infrastructure assessment and remediation, Burwood helps higher education clients make technology decisions that leverage current investments to support student and staff requirements.