IIOT Manufacturing


Improve productivity and protect against cybersecurity risks to meet increasing customer expectations.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is poised to revolutionize manufacturing with automation and intelligent operations. As companies evolve their internal infrastructure to create flexible, real-time, accessible technology solutions, attention to cybersecurity risk is critical. 

Burwood Group helps manufacturing companies of all sizes design platform solutions for effective IIoT architecture planning and cyber risk management. Our experts will help secure your devices and virtual environments, and build a cohesive security strategy that ensures compliance and leverages the connectivity, scalability, efficiency, and cost savings of IIoT manufacturing.

Program Management 

As the Voice of IT, Burwood guides clients through workplace transformation initiatives with transparency and improved communication by directly managing vendors, suppliers, partners, and staff. As an extension of your team, we go beyond individual project success by aligning program suites of projects to organizational strategies. Look to Burwood as a ‘technology general contractor’ responsible for developing a highly functioning and effective integrated team that includes security, real estate, and technology departments.

Network Segmentation  

Industrial IoT is poised to revolutionize manufacturing with intelligent operations and automated processes across devices and machines. But it also increases security risks on a scale never seen before. Burwood addresses evolving threats where defense through traditional segmentation of business and process control systems is no longer enough. We use next-generation segmentation tactics to help IT leaders ensure compliance and prevent today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.



Network Segmentation: IIoT Security & Compliance Benefits

segmentation blog post.jpg

Security Is No “Fringe” Issue, or, the Case for Segmentation



Why Burwood Group?

Burwood Group integrates an organization’s technology ecosystem, business processes, and knowledge to enable its people to perform in the unique context of their roles in the environment. Our consultants recognize the critical importance of tying technology investments to organizational priorities.

We believe that an increased demand for IT to add strategic value and high end-user technology expectations are creating new success measures for our clients. Put simply: when Burwood Group becomes a part of your team, we provide smarter solutions with better outcomes.