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We believe IT must run faster than the business it supports.

The IT department of the future is an organizational change leader. Forward-thinking IT leaders will securely store and analyze data to improve outcomes, integrate collaboration technologies to design the end user experience, and broker platforms and services to enhance application performance.

At Burwood Group, we harness the power of automation and orchestration to make these ideals a reality. For 22 years we’ve enabled our clients to design, use, and manage technology to transform their business and improve outcomes. Our technical depth resides in voice, network, wireless, data center, storage, and security infrastructure technologies.

Today, we merge this foundational knowledge with new expertise in cloud migration, DevOps, network automation, video collaboration, and more. Our consultants identify organizational priorities and leverage existing investments to design technology systems that propel your IT environment and your enterprise into the future. Whether you are developing strategy, deploying technology, or creating an operational model, Burwood is a dedicated partner. 



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