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3 Considerations for Migrating Voice, Video, & Contact Center Applications to the Cloud

The cloud is finally ready for collaboration technology. What about your organization and infrastructure? Consider these essential steps before collaboration cloud migration.

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Cloud Migration Best Practices for the Enterprise

While all cloud migrations have their own unique set of drivers and requirements, there are common steps to success that Burwood Group has experienced helping our clients migrate to the cloud.

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SDWAN Vendor Evaluation Guide

When evaluating SD-WAN vendors, it is vital to keep your computing environment and business needs front and center.

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Three Essential Questions for a Successful Cloud Strategy

In this paper, we explore important considerations to guide your cloud strategy development.

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The Evolving Contact Center: From Call

Center to Customer Experience Center

Burwood’s contact center experts outline a series of “maturity stages” based on the capabilities of the contact center to help guide your technology roadmap.

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Healthcare IT Spotlight: Cloud, Security, & More

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The Evolving Healthcare Contact Center: Principles for Improving Patient Experience

Successful health systems will learn to better leverage their contact centers as a way to attract and retain patients, and to tackle a complex set of new challenges.

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Healthcare in the Cloud: A Window of Opportunity is Open

Burwood’s experts predicts critical healthcare IT initiatives that will require cloud applications.

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Medical Device Security Challenges and Best Practices

How to develop a comprehensive medical device security program that addresses vulnerabilities, prevents breaches, and safeguards patient information.

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A Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Achieving IT and Clinical Engineering Convergence

Our guide uncovers how IT and CE convergence can accelerate a health system’s ability to implement life-saving patient care solutions.

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How to Select the Right Managed Services Provider

A practical guide for selecting the right managed services path for your organization.

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Are You Harnessing IoT Technology to Improve Care Delivery?

Our healthcare experts shares strategies for leveraging IoT to transform traditional care delivery and improve patient experience.

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Realizing the Value of HIT: How To Reinvent Your Team, Increase Agility, and Improve Outcomes

Healthcare organizations need a parallel evolution of their technology teams; one that reduces focus on serving technology, and increases focus on serving people.

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A Better Care Environment is Calling: The New Age of Clinical Communication

Incorporating new technology into the care environment requires a thoughtful design and implementation roadmap. Get started now.

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A Better Way To Work: 4 Essentials for Selecting a File Sharing Solution

Build the case for a file sharing platform that will streamline workflows, increase productivity, and meet security standards.

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