Information Security & IT Risk Management

Ransomware is now a $1 billion dollar business and over 50 percent of U.S. companies have experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, resulting in billions of dollars of expenses and lost productivity. Yet at many organizations, information security and IT risk management remain sidelined until a data breach, attack, or compliance initiative occurs. IT organizations struggle with how to define security, prioritize investments, and roll out new protocols. 

A defense in-depth strategy is required where cyber and information security risks are evaluated on an on-going basis, especially as end-users demanding greater data security. A top cybersecurity consulting company, Burwood Group specializes in security solutions and threat intelligence that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our clients’ business environment and data. We help organizations find the right security solutions to mitigate risk and limit damage if an attack occurs, even in overlooked areas of cybersecurity risk, such as connected device (IoT), cloud, and third-party vendors.


Our Approach


Assess your governance, risk, and compliance stature



Implement your detection and response strategy


Next-Generation Segmentation

Traditional segmentation of business and process control networks can be insufficient in today's advanced threat landscape. A global manufacturing firm interested in improving their security posture wanted to create separate networking environments to ensure data security from threats, users, and applications. Burwood Group designed and deployed a three-zone architecture to restrict communications into and out of critical systems. 

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Security Assessments

Healthcare providers must comply with many compliance standards including Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and PCI. A 300-bed community hospital in the Midwest engaged Burwood to assess their IT environment for compliance gaps in applications, policies, and procedures. Burwood leveraged the ISO framework and HIPAA Security Rule to conduct a security assessment including vulnerability testing, workflow analysis for new user onboarding, and a corrective action plan for the hospital.  


Secure Campus Network Access

A higher education IT team knew their network access control system was outdated and overworked when it began going down once per week. They engaged Burwood Group to provide guidance through a new vendor landscape and comparison. Burwood designed and implemented a NAC solution that enabled fast, secure Wi-Fi connectivity for various faculty, student, and guest user groups. The simple administrator interface led to seamless management for college IT staff.



Your Cybersecurity Resource Library

Burwood Group is pleased to partner with Cloud Harmonics to offer complimentary Palo Alto Networks training courses to our customers.

Burwood Group is pleased to partner with Cloud Harmonics to offer complimentary Palo Alto Networks training courses to our customers.



Why Burwood Group?

Burwood Group integrates an organization’s technology ecosystem, business processes, and knowledge to enable its people to perform in the unique context of their roles in the environment. Our consultants recognize the critical importance of tying technology investments to organizational priorities.

We believe that an increased demand for IT to add strategic value and high end-user technology expectations are creating new success measures for our clients. Burwood Group commits to providing consultative leadership and technical depth in these critical areas: Communication & Collaboration, Cloud & Automation, and Security.

Put simply: when Burwood Group becomes a part of your team, we provide smarter solutions with better outcomes.