Backup / Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Gartner predicts that, within 10 years, most organizations of all sizes will leverage public cloud infrastructure as-a-service for backup. As the public cloud providers continue to advance their offerings, the cloud is gaining a more prominent role in backup and disaster recovery (DR).

Enterprise-grade, multi-region public cloud infrastructure now can provide reliable, scalable, fast, and cost-effective data recovery. With a cloud-based system, your enterprise can replicate virtual machines off-site and restore them to multiple storage regions in minutes. With a copy of a virtual machine in the cloud, you can test and validate DR data against production data without interfering with critical production environments. For highly regulated industries such as healthcare, education, and the financial sector, cloud-based backup and DR can expedite streamlined access essential for regulatory compliance.

The pay-as-you-go model for public cloud backup and DR-as-a-service also can reduce your total cost of ownership, compared to the costs of building a second data center for offsite replication and recovery from tape for archive. Another financial benefit is that cloud-based backup and DR shifts expenses from the capital to the operating side of the ledger.

Despite the perceived ease of adopting a public cloud backup and DR solution, planning and strategy are still critical—especially if your IT relies upon a complex mix of virtual and physical resources. No automated solution can replace the need to assess your environment, prioritize systems, establish recovery time objectives, and continuously monitor, test, and update your DR processes.

Why Burwood?

Burwood Group can help you analyze your backup and DR requirements, and determine whether and how the cloud fits into your strategy. We’ll help you gauge whether you have adequate bandwidth to make applications and data accessible quickly should disaster strike. Planning also includes assessment of the time required to restore systems from the cloud to virtual or on-premises infrastructure—another critical DR consideration.  

We also offer the option of using Burwood Group’s Cloud Managed Services to manage your cloud-based production and DR instances. We collaborate with you to determine the best approach for your business goals, and to set appropriate service-level agreements for primary and DR uses. We help optimize your spend, control costs, and update your backup and DR strategy as your enterprise goals evolve.

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