Cloud Consulting Services

Information technology is experiencing a massive shift away from highly-customized, on-premises only environments towards self-acting, self-regulating, automation systems. Implementing automation technologies sets a foundation for successful adoption of newer IT advantages such as containerization, agile development for DevOps, and cloud management solutions. Embracing automation technologies requires changes in IT department culture and workflow, but benefits can be tremendous.

With longstanding experience in cloud consultation, Burwood Group leverages automation to help IT departments move from labor-intensive, custom-built environments to rules-based, automated deployment and management processes. We pair existing IT investments with automation solutions and overarching cloud management to create cloud-ready, agile infrastructure environments. 

Burwood empowers the IT department to improve time-to-market for critical applications, satisfy internal customers, and improve IT quality and efficiency.


Our Approach

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Cloud consulting services

  • Cloud Readiness

  • Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

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  • Cloud Migration

  • Data Intelligence

  • End-User Computing

  • Software-Defined Infrastructure

  • Backup / DR to the Cloud

  • SaaS: O365, Unified Communications, and VDI

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  • Cloud Security Governance and Optimization

  • Cloud Management and Security

  • Desktop as-a-Service

  • SD-WAN as-a-Service


Software-Defined Data Center

When an 800-employee credit union in Illinois needed to decide if renewing their current data center platform was the right call, they enlisted Burwood Group to suggest a forward-thinking alternative. Burwood recommended a virtualized data center architecture to reduce operational costs and provide increased support and security for business-critical applications. The credit union has achieved high availability, scalability, and performance with this future-proofed architecture.

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Cloud Migration

After years of M&A activity, a global manufacturing firm had developed a decentralized, unmanageable application environment spread over thousands of servers. They wanted to centralize all applications in the cloud; however, manual application dependency discovery was proving slow and costly. Using an assessment tool, Burwood avoided months of application investigation and interviews and created an actionable plan for migration. 


Disaster Recovery

A 350-bed community hospital engaged Burwood Group to assess their disaster recovery preparedness based on HIPAA and JCAHO standards and recommend improvements to its data center infrastructure. Burwood embarked on business impact analysis to uncover operational disruptions and a cloud assessment to evaluate the need for a second data center. Today, the hospital is executing a strategy that accounts for healthcare regulations and technology advances.


End-User Computing

A California community college network needed to replace legacy desktop virtualization tools in its labs and libraries in time for fall semester. Burwood assembled a team and created a plan to roll out Citrix XenDesktop to 400 PCs in a single weekend. 



Why Burwood Group?

Burwood Group integrates an organization’s technology ecosystem, business processes, and knowledge to enable its people to perform in the unique context of their roles in the environment. Our consultants recognize the critical importance of tying technology investments to organizational priorities.

We believe that an increased demand for IT to add strategic value and high end-user technology expectations are creating new success measures for our clients. Burwood Group commits to providing consultative leadership and technical depth in these critical areas: Communication & Collaboration, Cloud & Automation, and Security.

Put simply: when Burwood Group becomes a part of your team, we provide smarter solutions with better outcomes.