Data Intelligence Services

While you may be moving to cloud services to improve operational efficiency and agility, the cloud plays a potential role in digital transformation. That’s why one of Burwood Group’s best-of-breed partners is Google Cloud. Offering powerful tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google Cloud and Burwood Group can help you tap the power of cloud computing for data intelligence to advance your business.

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We can help you incorporate Google Cloud capabilities to embed data intelligence into your customer service experience and uncover actionable insights into customer behavior. With Google Cloud’s data intelligence tools, you can use your data to improve customer service, engage customers more closely, and increase revenues.

We can help you use such data intelligence capabilities to, for example, examine the sentiment of messages and quickly classify written text. Google Cloud’s BigQuery data insights and exploration tools enable you to analyze valuable data from mobile apps, social media feeds, and other unstructured data sources along with data from object storage and spreadsheets. And, you can use machine learning and automation to quickly transcribe and translate audio files, or classify images.

In the insurance industry, for instance, some companies are using Google Cloud’s Machine Learning Engine for innovation in actuarial analysis. Through high-speed machine learning processes, actuaries can develop insurance models for emerging risks such as cybercrime—a critical area of risk for the growing number of organizations with high-value digital assets.

Similarly, Google Cloud’s healthcare application interface is enabling medical research teams to analyze large volumes of image files and patient monitoring data. Researchers at the Broad Institute, for example, can analyze the human genome 400 percent more quickly with Google Cloud than with in-house computers and storage.

In the past, only organizations with very large IT capabilities could exploit the advantages of data intelligence. Today, cloud computing puts data intelligence within reach for entire industries. Burwood Group can help you put cloud-base data intelligence capabilities to work for your business goals.


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