Cloud Governance Workshop


Secure your cloud environment via best practices, policy development, and ongoing vigilance. 

When it comes to the cloud, governance is a non-negotiable. The critical steps of defining, monitoring, and auditing the guidelines, policies, and processes are what surround your organization’s cloud presence.

As you prepare to move to the cloud, Burwood’s complimentary Cloud Governance Workshop will equip your team with the education, planning, and actionable takeaways to ensure the appropriate governance your cloud strategy requires.

Burwood can customize this workshop to any cloud environment: public, private, or hybrid.

Burwood Cloud Enablement Framework.png


  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Networks: Proper Network Subnet Design, Co-existence, Hybrid Connectivity

  • Database

  • Platform as-a-Service

  • Availability: Proper Use of Availability Groups & Zones, Internal & External Load Balancing

Multi-Cloud Governance

  • Subscriptions & Accounts

  • Naming Conventions: Resources & Networks, Tagging & Reporting

  • Billing Best Practices

  • Identity Management

    • Role Based Access Controls & Least Privilege

    • Proper Use of Cloud Identity or 3rd Party IAM

    • Service Account Best Practices

  • Operations Management & Monitoring



  • DevOps Best Practices & Tool Chains

  • Infrastructure Deployment

  • Configuration Management


  • Architecture Considerations

  • Key & Secret Management

  • Network Security Groups

  • 3rd Party Firewall

  • PaaS & Serverless Security

  • Encryption

  • Incorrect Use of Public IP/s

  • Remote Access

  • Auditing & Monitoring

  • Compliance

Why Burwood Group?

Technology system planning, design, and implementation are the foundation of Burwood Group’s 20+ years as an IT consulting and integration firm. From implementing VoIP in 1997 to architecting hybrid cloud environments in 2018, our consultants thrive on creating sophisticated solutions for complex problems.

Today, we are focused on extending this expertise into helping our clients leverage the cloud in a smart, secure, and strategic manner. Cloud strategy, migration, security, and management are all part of our Cloud Enablement solution portfolio. We draw on cross-industry expertise and strategic partners to develop custom public, private, and hybrid cloud environments that support business applications and users.