Many IT organizations struggle with how to define security, prioritize investments, and roll out new protocols. Learn how to find the right security solutions to mitigate risk and limit damage if an attack occurs, even in overlooked areas of cybersecurity risk, such as connected device (IoT), cloud, and third-party vendors.


Network Segmentation: Protection for Security and Compliance

Erik Shear, Senior Consultant, Secure Mobility at Burwood Group, discusses the fundamental pillars of network segmentation and how it applies to compliance driven organizations.


Industrial IoT Security | Steps & Best Practices

Defense through traditional segmentation of business and process controls systems is proving inadequate. Equip your team to address evolving threats targeting IIoT devices.

Case Study

Global Manufacturer Secures Industrial IoT Networks with Segmentation

After completing a major security assessment, a global food and beverage manufacturer uncovered an opportunity to further strengthen its security posture. Corporate IT leadership turned to Burwood Group to design and implement a network segmentation solution that would further mitigate risks to the company’s connected office and manufacturing plants.



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