Disaster Recovery Planning

High-profile system outages create news headlines—but they also serve as a reminder that a disaster recovery (DR)-high availability plan should be part of sound business management. Burwood Group can help you mitigate the risks and ensure high availability for your organization’s most critical applications.

In the typical organization, a lack of clear priorities and associated budget often interfere with disaster recovery planning. Burwood Group’s proven methodology enables you to prioritize business systems and DR requirements—and create a business case for DR funding.

Most important, our methodology assumes that not every application must be available all the time. That is, some systems are more critical than others. We help you envision potential disaster scenarios and assess the potential impact of a failure. By quantifying the business impact, you can prioritize applications and collaborate with stakeholders to establish uptime requirements and recovery time objectives.

For instance, a financial services organization may require its online banking system to be available 99.999 percent of the time—the equivalent of one second per day of downtime. Its sub-ledger accounting system, while important, may be less critical to daily operations and a lower level of availability may be acceptable. Understanding these dynamics ensures that an organization invests in the right level of high availability and DR for the right systems.

Burwood Group also can advise on your current DR measures. For example, an organization may have redundant IT systems—but lack a power generator. Or, the redundant data center may be housed in the same building as the primary data center, and is therefore not redundant.

We help you identify the gaps in your current DR strategy, and review the full range of relevant solutions, from DR in the cloud to an offsite disk-based system, and other forward-looking strategies. Working together, we’ll help you weigh the costs, benefits, and disadvantages of the most appropriate of these solutions. Throughout, we follow industry best practices to help your team ensure adequate support and long-term scalability for your DR solutions. Closing the gaps between business needs and capabilities may be a multi-year process, depending on the time and resources available—but the long-term payoff of enhanced security is worth the while.

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Why Burwood Group?

Nothing keeps IT leaders awake at night more than the possibility of an outage or technology failure that could cripple business operations and put employee productivity and customer satisfaction at risk. Burwood Group will help you design secure, reliable, and fully recoverable infrastructure to minimize risk and assure availability of your most critical systems and data even in the event of disaster.