Jim Hart

Jim Hart, President at Burwood Group, has over 20 years of experience in technology consulting and leadership. He joined Burwood Group in 1998 to lead Burwood Group’s go-to-market strategy and business development efforts. Today he oversees Burwood’s client-facing functions including advisory services, technology consulting, and business strategy.

Jim has served as a trusted advisor to clients for business/technology alignment, process optimization, and quality/performance improvement. He focuses on linking strategy to front-line execution by creating sustainable programs that allow clients to benchmark their organizational effectiveness, drive measurable results and elevate their people, process, and technology maturity.

Prior to joining Burwood Group, Jim was a lead architect at Accenture with a focus on technology strategy and large-scale systems integration. He helped develop a comprehensive multimedia development framework leveraged for solution delivery globally across the company. He then joined a small startup in Phoenix and while there he was retained by upper-level technology management at one of the world's largest financial services organizations to develop global network strategies and drive business/IT alignment.

Jim earned a B.S. in Computer and Information Science and a Masters in Telecommunications from the University of Pittsburgh. 


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Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility from the Inside Out

By Jim Hart, President, Burwood Group