SD-WAN as-a-Service

The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) presents numerous potential benefits, from the ability to aggregate different circuits (MPLS, LTE, 4G, broadband, etc.), to reducing overall networking costs and enabling your team to improve service by prioritizing network traffic according to business needs. With Burwood Group’s SD-WAN-as-a-service, you can capitalize on the benefits of SD-WAN with an all-in-one monthly fee—avoiding the significant investment of capital and resources typically required for implementation.

As with any major solution implementation, deploying SD-WAN can be a major, resource-heavy undertaking—especially for companies with large footprints or complex data needs. From navigating the ever-increasing marketplace of solutions and practical deployment to maintenance, management, and optimization, SD-WAN implementation requires a significant commitment of staff time and resources. And, the capital expense can be significant, if your enterprise encompasses a number of sites.

  • Selecting a solution. As SD-WAN solutions have proliferated, Burwood Group helps you identify the solution that supports your strategy. Through our market intelligence and vendor relationships, we recommend the best options for your requirements and handle implementation, saving you the time and effort required to navigate the challenge of selecting a solution and configuring hundreds of devices. And, if an issue arises, you can simply call Burwood Group to resolve it—instead of calling multiple ISPs or application vendors to uncover the problem.

  • One bill for all costs. Our SD-WAN-as-a-Service enables you to aggregate the costs of hardware, software, circuits, management, MACDs (moves, adds, changes, deletes), and installation into a single monthly subscription fee. It also provides greater flexibility as payments are amortized over the term length.

  • Improved user experience. Our SD-WAN service delivers a reliable, consistent end-user experience when accessing remote applications. It also enables availability, capacity, and agility, resulting in more robust traffic delivery over your WAN with better capacity than before. Our history of consulting, implementation, and ongoing SD-WAN management ensures that your network will be reliable, available, and protected.

  • Security assurance. Most SD-WAN solutions include security features, but not necessarily to the degree needed for every environment. With our security expertise, we recommend the most appropriate solution for your business requirements. Options may include unifying secure access into the network, end-to-end encryption, and using multiple links to increase network redundancy (per packet).

  • Streamlined implementation. We invest in staying ahead of the knowledge curve and partnering with the most reputable and effective vendors. Our skilled network architects review SD-WAN solutions, sizing, installation needs, and circuits to find a solution that is best suited for your environment. In addition to vendor management, we also streamline management, enabling you to reduce the number of devices needed and direct traffic more efficiently. And, we’re equipped to take on the time-consuming tasks of patching and troubleshooting.


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