Security Awareness Education

One of the greatest threats to information security is inside your office: your employees. Over time, cybercriminals have become increasingly adept at manipulating users into compromising personal and organizational data and systems. As active users of your IT environment, your end-users can take many steps to help prevent cybercrime—if they’re informed and aware. Burwood Group’s Security Awareness Education services help your employees adopt safe behaviors.

For example, your end-users may inadvertently create security risks by failing to install the updates and security patches automatically delivered by your application and operating system providers. Or, they may compromise their data security and even threaten your network by failing to recognize a phishing email or phone call. Another common risk is the simple sticky note on a computer monitor, displaying passwords for all the world to see, or an unlocked file cabinet.

We recognize that every organization has a different culture, and that different user groups may have different learning preferences. Our Security Awareness Education specialists collaborate with you to deliver education and training services customized for your organization and industry. Our services go beyond the data privacy requirements of such industries as healthcare and financial services, for instance, to help you instill a broader commitment to information security.

Also important, different stakeholder groups may require different kinds of awareness education. We can help you engage senior leadership and build consensus around security awareness education. And, we can help you tailor education for specific user groups, such as accounting or procurement teams that may be susceptible to phishing emails concerning unpaid vendor invoices or other types of financial fraud.

Your education, your way: security awareness options

Some organizations prefer face-to-face sessions, while others prefer self-service—and all prefer convenience for employees. We help you bring your end-user community up to speed on today’s cybercrime trends and safe behaviors through multiple approaches:

  • Education materials for dissemination by your team

  • Face-to-face, in-person sessions led by our trainers

  • Webinars

  • Online, micro-learning presentations 

For example, one Burwood client wanted to optimize convenience for end-users. We created a series of 10-minute online presentations, each focused on a single topic such as phishing awareness, password security or physical location security. In each concise presentation, a narrator explains the core content and the user completes a quiz to reinforce what they learned.

Security awareness education should not be a one-time activity, but an ongoing process. We can help you establish an ongoing cycle of communications and initiatives to keep security top of mind for every end-user.


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