New Time and Attendance System Online Training

A large organization implemented a new time and attendance system. The organization was moving from a paper-based time clock system to an electronic time and attendance system which required new skills and behaviors for staff members and managers. The initial training was provided by the vendor using a demonstration approach to training.

Participants viewed the vendors demo environment and were provided with only functional training. They did not receive any instruction on how they would utilize the new system on a daily basis. Therefore, we were able to develop an online training for managers that provided them with short tutorials on how they would use the technology to complete the newly required processes and workflows. There was an immediate need to implement training as rapidly as possible as the system had already been rolled out and non-compliance or user errors could result in errors in staff member pay.

Online modules were created based on urgency of need. Modules were released to managers as they were created, tested, and approved through a SharePoint site. The SharePoint site served as a Table of Contents for the collection of tutorials providing a brief description of the training including the estimated time to complete.  Managers found the tutorials easy to follow and met their need of workflow driven just-in-time training.

Priscilla Dave