Unified Communications Services

Mobile phone, email, online chat, videoconference, alerts, text messaging,  instant messaging--employees and customers often expect multiple communications channels to be available. Yet, a lack of integration means that providing contact options can create as many problems as it solves. The solution? Unified communications technologies that streamline communications, boost productivity, and improve the employee and customer experience.

In a healthcare organization, for example, unified communications enables far-flung specialists to quickly—and securely—share and discuss real-time patient data through video and web conferencing, on a desktop or a mobile device. In the office, unified communications tools can enable colleagues to collaborate on documents in real time, invite participants to a videoconference on the fly, or even quickly switch from a call to a videoconference if visuals are needed.

Burwood Group can help you create a unified communications platform and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate voice, instant messaging, videoconferencing, data sharing, desktop sharing and more. With a deep bench of expertise in the unified communications technologies from such leading providers as Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and more, we’re equipped to design and deploy a solution tailored for your unique workplace. As a certified Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist, we have particular expertise in Cisco’s unified communications technologies.    

Overcome implementation challenges

Despite the advantages of unified communications, organizations are often challenged to overcome the technical and cultural issues involved in implementing an integrated solution. Whether it’s packet loss in the network, a hard-to-use interface, bandwidth constraints, or simply user resistance, myriad problems can quickly undermine the investment. 

Our approach is holistic, encompassing both the technical and the human-factor aspects involved in changing how you work. We focus on ensuring a high-quality user experience, from creating the right infrastructure to training for adoption.

From a technical standpoint, we help you create the infrastructure to support a seamless, high-quality user experience. Using best practices, we integrate your hardware and software to ensure that your communications channels perform at the highest level—and that your communications are secure.

We understand the human factors, too. We partner with you to understand how your teams work together and how unified communications could overcome collaboration obstacles. We recognize that employees sometimes resist new technologies, no matter what the benefits. Our training resources can help you prepare employees for their new tools, train for adoption, and optimize your return on investment.  

UC in the cloud

Cloud-based infrastructure enables you to quickly create the infrastructure required to support your unified communications tools. With our partner Citrix Cloud, Burwood Group simplifies the complexity of creating the virtual workplace, and accelerates the roll-out process. We can help you adopt Citrix Cloud’s centralized application and desktop management, along with routine task automation, to streamline the provisioning process and free your IT team to focus on other strategies.

Unified communications opens the door to many new ways of working, contributing to a more productive and engaging workplace and better customer relationships. Burwood Group can help you create the unified communications environment that your users will embrace.


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