Transform your end user experience with video collaboration.

Video conferencing, video walls, and digital signage are high-stakes technologies with potential to impress or frustrate end users. Whether you’ve already identified your needs or want to explore options, identifying your key challenges and choosing the right technology partner are critical to system adoption and success.


 What A/V challenges do you experience?

High end user visibility, challenging system integrations, and changing technologies contribute to the difficulties in managing an A/V environment. We help clients tackle these common pain points:


Subpar meeting experiences

Setup takes too long and technology problems create distractions


Existing technology issues

Technology that’s supposed to enable collaboration only causes problems


Organizational growth

Growth makes it difficult and costly to extend A/V capabilities to new locations


Remote workforce

Remote workers feel disconnected from trainings, teamwork, and teambuilding


Lacking internal expertise

An IT team that doesn’t have expertise with modern A/V environments


Your A/V partner should have the right skillset.

Comprehensive expertise that goes beyond A/V is critical. Look for these qualifying attributes in your partner:


Network expertise to maximize existing investments


Security expertise to ensure infrastructure is protected


Support capabilities so A/V will just work without the headaches


Broad expertise in unified communications outside of A/V


End-user training programs to ensure prompt adoption


Burwood Group has more than a traditional A/V background.

We leverage our extensive IT infrastructure experience in network, security, unified communications, and operations to create holistic video collaboration environments. From video conferencing rooms to digital signage, we architect custom solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing environment and investments. 


Video conferencing rooms

Eliminate distance and create more engaging meeting experiences with TelePresence rooms and modern meeting spaces.


A/V distribution systems

Ensure your A/V technology performs and functions as intended with intelligent yet simple A/V distribution and control systems.


Digital signage and video walls

Keep your teams informed, improve communication, and easily roll out impactful video initiatives all from one platform.


Companies investing in A/V solutions are benefitting from: 


More productive and engaging meetings


Reduction of travel costs


Improved customer engagement


Here’s what our clients have to say:

Don’t settle for a company that just does A/V.

Our mix of strong partnerships and end-to-end expertise truly set us apart.

  • Strong networking and security expertise to accompany our A/V solutions

  • Proactive rather than reactive support thanks to our 24/7 NOC

  • Polished training and adoption programs for faster adoption

  • Focused on aligning technology to your needs and budget


Burwood Group offers a one-day workshop to assess your existing A/V capabilities and discuss future possibilities. Contact us to learn more: