A Better Way to Work: 4 Criteria for Selecting a File Sharing Solution


Regardless of industry or size, organizations today must provide employees the ability to simply and securely collaborate both within and across departments. Especially in our current business environment, workspaces have become increasingly digital and mobile teams are requiring anywhere, anytime access to files. In fact, the IDC estimates that the U.S. mobile workforce will increase from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers in 20201. 

Given these requirements, it is critical for organizations to identify secure file sharing solutions that give employees a better way to work. The right file sharing solution can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and support compliance initiatives. Burwood Group has helped many organizations select technologies that enable a connected workspace. Download our eBook to learn the key requirements to consider when selecting a file sharing platform for your organization.

Did you know: 

  • 4% of IT professionals reported security issues caused by the use of consumer-oriented file sharing services for consumer business. – Gigaom Research and Harris Interactive, The Dropbox Problem and the Manager's Dilemma

  • Professionals spend 50% of their time searching for information and take an average of 18 minutes to locate each document. – M-Files ECM Solutions, The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management

  • 61% of employees confess they send unencrypted emails, do not delete confidential documents (in violation of company policy), or accidentally forward files or documents to unauthorized recipients. – Ponemon Institute, Breaking Bad: The Risk of Unsecure File Sharing, 2014

  • Document challenges account for 21.3% productivity loss. – IDC, Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New Challenges and Opportunities for IT

To learn more about how to create a connected and collaborative workplace with secure file sharin, download: A Better Way to Work: 4 Criteria for Selecting a File Sharing Solution

July 6, 2017