Citizens Equity First Credit Union Deploys WLANs with Cloud-Based Control

A member-owned financial cooperative, Citizens Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU) is one of the largest credit unions in the U.S. with over 300,000 members nationwide. When the organization wanted to equip 20 of its member centers with wireless networking, it needed to minimize demands on its IT staff. Having previously enlisted Burwood for security, network, and data center upgrades, the Illinois-based credit union selected the firm to recommend and implement a value-added wireless solution


The Challenge: Create Wireless Networks in CEFCU Member Centers

To meet consumer expectations for convenience and usability, CEFCU had begun developing mobile applications for its members. However, CEFCU’s member centers required an enhanced wireless network to test and conduct staff training on the applications. Furthermore, members increasingly expected ubiquitous wireless access. With its timeconstrained IT staff, CEFCU sought an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage wireless solution— with robust security for compliance. 

The Solution: Cisco Meraki Wireless Network

The Cisco Meraki wireless solution was selected for its flexibility and ease of use. Using Burwood’s design, the CEFCU team strategically placed access points in each member center, while Burwood consultants configured the local wireless networks. Using Meraki’s virtual security appliance, the Burwood team helped CEFCU separate banking activities from guest user activity, supporting security and reducing network traffic–all within the scope of the project.


With Burwood Group, we were able to adopt a wireless networking solution that achieves member and staff satisfaction, and improves our marketing strategies—with minimum demands on our IT staff. Having partnered with them on multiple projects in the past, we knew Burwood would propose the right solution and implement it smoothly. The Meraki solution is highly effective, and offers the opportunity to make it even more effective as we explore its capabilities.
— Tracy Denning, I.T. Network Communications Manager, CEFCU

The Outcome: Flexible, Convenient, and Secure Wireless

Members and member center staff now can test new CEFCU mobile apps and upgrades, and members enjoy convenient onsite wireless access. Using Meraki’s online software controller, the CEFCU IT team can remotely manage the local networks—although minimal work is required. Each member center can assign guest logins for its own local network and can turn off the network when the facility is closed, freeing the central IT team from these tasks. Meraki’s online dashboard also provides CEFCU with powerful analytics on how and where consumers are using its mobile applications. 

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