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IT Managed Service Company

Whether you are developing strategy, deploying technology, or creating an operational model, Burwood is a dedicated partner for managed IT services. Our commitment to client success combines deep technical expertise, peerless program management, and a relentless focus on outcomes improvement.


Burwood Group consultants approach every client engagement with the desired end-state in mind. Whether you’re in the midst of M&A activity or want to enhance end-user technology, Burwood confidently drives strategic direction and business relevance.

  • Digital Transformation 

  • IT M&A Strategy 

  • Technology Adoption 

  • Program Management



Expert technology integration skills provide the foundation for Burwood's project methodology. We're in constant pursuit of leading-edge manufacturing partners, followed by continuous testing in our Innovation Lab. Our drive towards excellence is fueled by customer satisfaction. 

  • Planning and Design 

  • Implementation 

  • Procurement 

  • Project Management



Infrastructure monitoring, management, and governance are business utilities that demand vigilance and consistency. Burwood Cloud Services leverages automation and machine-learning to create a 24x7 self-service portal and management operation that your can trust. 

  • Cloud 

  • As-A-Service 

  • Outsourced Operations