North Shore-LIJ Health System Adopts Telemedicine Solution for Stroke Care

The telemedicine system reduced door to needle time down from 60 to 29 minutes.   Download the PDF

The telemedicine
system reduced door
to needle time down
from 60 to 29 minutes.

Download the PDF

A major, multi-faceted healthcare system wanted a forward-looking telemedicine solution to enable staff neurologists and residents to effectively diagnose and treat stroke patients in a timely and effective manner within their 21 system hospitals. When a piloted solution was impactful but too costly for system-wide adoption, it was clear that finding the right solution would benefit the entire organization. All they required was an affordable alternative and internal momentum for implementation.

The Challenge

North Shore-LIJ neurologists were feeling the effects of lost productivity due to the travel time required to serve hospitals across a large region. This impacted their ability to provide stroke patients with timely diagnosis and care. A  telemedicine solution would improve stroke patient outcomes and physician efficiency, with less physician transportation.

The system’s most remote facility piloted a telemedicine platform for stroke intervention; however, the solution was costly. While the value to patients was clear, the organization needed telemedicine expertise, as well as internal engagement and funding, to revitalize the project.

Burwood Group was engaged to design and implement an alternative solution. Having previously worked with Burwood Group to develop a clinical collaboration and communications strategy, North Shore-LIJ knew the firm offered an effective combination of clinical, technical, and project management expertise.

The Solution

Burwood Group collaborated with North Shore-LIJ to refine the business plan with an affordable telemedicine solution comprising software, on-site mobile video carts, and connectivity with the neurologists’ home offices. Burwood Group applied best practices for healthcare technology to assess the organization’s technology infrastructure, create a feasible strategy, and implement the new system.

The project team enlisted management, neurologists, emergency room staff, and other caregivers to define the tele-stroke intervention workflow, usage policies, and roles for each participant. To ensure adoption, Burwood Group delivered a customized, role-based training curriculum and testing program that simulated actual work conditions.

“We knew we could count on the Burwood Group team to engage our leadership and stakeholders and create momentum for this important project. The team’s technical expertise, combined with a deep understanding of the clinical environment, enabled us to make the right decisions for a telemedicine system that would meet our requirements and improve patient outcomes.”
— Colleen M. Lyons, Site CIO, North Shore-LIJ Health System

The Outcome

North Shore-LIJ is using the new tele-stroke technology in three hospitals, with plans to implement it in nine additional facilities. The system’s neurologists quickly diagnose and direct treatment for stroke patients either onsite or remotely, reducing time-consuming commutes, and caregivers have embraced the solution. Most important, stroke patients benefit every day from faster critical care.

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