Digital Workspace

End User Computing, O365, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The power of the cloud is transforming not only behind-the-scenes IT operations, but the end-user experience, too. Ubiquitous wifi connectivity and the growth of mobile working have made “workplace” a virtual, as well as a physical, concept. Increasingly, end users expect their virtual workplace to offer access to the same applications, data, and services as the physical office. Burwood Group can help you leverage cloud innovation to bring your connected workplace to life, with seamless collaboration and communication tools that improve employee productivity and engagement, and can help your company attract and retain talent.

Collaboration tools, for example, are particularly in demand—and cloud solutions are often the best way to provide them. Burwood Group can help you leverage the cloud to deploy collaboration technologies built for fast provisioning, in turn empowering mobile team members no matter where they are working.

Citrix Expertise

With our partner Citrix Cloud, Burwood Group simplifies the complexity of creating the virtual workplace—and accelerates the process. In contrast to the traditional model for IT provisioning, cloud-based infrastructure enables you to quickly create the infrastructure required to support your end users. We help you adopt Citrix Cloud’s centralized application and desktop management, along with routine task automation, to streamline the provisioning process and free your IT team to focus on other strategies.

Given the pace of technology disruption and business change, it’s often critical to have the ability to quickly add or remove employee desktops in response to acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and new business ventures. Burwood Group can help your workplace benefit from Citrix Cloud’s power-scaling, automation, and intelligent health check features. Once deployed, your team can quickly configure desktop with easy-to-use wizards. We also ensure that your end-user computing environment will protect your data, with an integrated, flexible framework to secure your apps, data, and network.

Microsoft Office 365

For a larger enterprise, migration to Office 365 requires thoughtful planning and budgeting. Burwood Group helps you create the Office 365 collaboration toolset aligned with your business goals and IT strategy, and establish your vision for a successful rollout.

We help you create a project budget and manage user expectations for the migration, drawing from our experience with numerous other enterprise Office 365 migrations. Then we help you configure the deployment, migrate user data, test deployment, and establish policies based on best practices. We can customize your Office 365 deployment with unique features to meet the requirements of your business, industry and employee preferences, and integrate the suite with your enterprise solutions to maximize your collaborative potential.

Unified Communications and Collaboration As-A-Service (UCCaaS)

Burwood Group can help you manage seamless, secure, and cost-effective communications and collaboration across multiple channels devices to improve employee productivity and business outcomes.

We’re equipped to help you select and deploy a broad range of enterprise communications services, including instant messaging; telephony; conferencing and collaboration tools; integrated voicemail, email, SMS, and fax; and even IPTV and digital signage. Through UCCaaS, you can rapidly increase or decrease your consumption of services without concurrent investments in on-premise infrastructure or resources, freeing your IT team to focus on strategic priorities.

As your organization sets new expectations for what "my office" means, Burwood Group can help you look to the cloud to harness technologies that inspire innovation and lead to better business outcomes. Whether your cloud strategy is based on a private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud approach, Burwood Group can provide the cloud-based infrastructure solution to support your virtual, connected workplace today and into the future.  


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